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CRST Malone is a hundred percent independent contractor company which partners with the very best owner-operator in the truckload carrier industry.

Ever since it began in 1928, CRST Malone has made sure that they served their clients well and helped various contractors build profitable, successful businesses with no flatbed experience.

With it’s headquarter in Birmingham, Alabama this company is one of the biggest flatbed organization in the US. Currently CRST operates more than 100 field offices all over the United States of America and Canada and has more than 1,600 trucks in their fleet.

The flatbed trucking division of CRST International does not have any age limit on their tractors. Keep in mind that all new owner/operator leases are required to pass a company DOT inspection before hitting the road. If your rig is over a decade old, get ready for frequent, independent safety inspections.

First Time Owner Operators Prefer CRST Trucking

With CRST Trucking, you can become an independent contractor by getting your truck in for between $275-295 per week. For first time owner operators, CRST provides you with a high-quality late-model truck with a bumper to bumper warranty plus maintenance and many miles for your entire lease length making sure that your track pays for itself.

Services offered by CRST Malone
CRST trucking company offers a long-haul transportation services through out the US and Canada. CRST tracking has the largest flatbed network in the US making it possible for you to procure the correct type of capacity exactly when and where you will
need it. This company also provides the biggest sided fleet in the truckload carrier industry so whether it is a load that needs regular transit, a load that needs an exact delivery appointment or a coast-to-coast expedition-delivery, CRST Malone can meet all your needs.

With the diverse network of more than 100 offices which have the perfect logistical and expertise ability, CRST Malone can coordinate their client’s partial shipment peacefully. This company has a very comprehensive regional fleet network in the country thus making it possible for you to be near your client base. This helps reduce your transportation cost while providing very responsive tracking services to your clients.

CRST Malone helps reduce the transportation costs and enhance the services by creating a dedicated fleet-operation for your clients. This company can design a cost effective plan aimed at reducing the liability risk while improving control for either a 100% of your freight or a mix of your freight in the CRST network.

Malone Inc Reviews (From Former Cedar Rapids Employee)

I loved working for CRST Malone. its a great company to be with in the trucking industry for the simple reason you have 95% of the control of your own destiny. Basically you are your own boss!


Your pay is based loads, and depending on location and distance can be great pay for time. Office staff and freight brokers are very supportive and overall a great flatbed trucking company to work with…

Getting Started

Driver Qualifications

Drivers with previous experience must have a minimum of six months on the road over the past 36 months in “flatbed” style rigs. If you have more than 3 moving violations during that same period, you will not be hired. Same for driving under the influence- you cannot get hired if you have been arrested for DUI or DWI in the last 3 years.

If you are a new driver, you will want to start out in a more traditional class B driving job. There are a variety of company paid training programs available from the major trucking companies. You can also practice online with companies like Crist CDL (

What about hiring felons? This is a common question and CRST will hire felons so long as the felony has not been during the past 10 years.

Required Orientation

The standard orientation period for new drivers is 4 days. During that time, you will go through load securement training along with coil certification. CRST International will also pay orientation stipend, pay-per-unit leased on after you are sent out on your first official load.

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